We are excited to meeting you at the CRH expo and show you all the new products and features we have been working on during the…
The TCI2 is a programmable universal controller with communication capability. The controller uses the universal X2 operating…
The operation terminal family of Vector Controls has a new member. The OPT1 fits to all the configuration variations of the…
The AER-D13 is capable of measuring an analog input value from 0-10VDC or 0-20mA and converts it to a three relays output…
Easyset makes your Vector TCX2 control system easy to configure and commission. It is now simple to design, save, share, and…
The AER-HL1 is a stand-alone electronic dew point monitor or humidity controller which prevents condensation for chilled…


Currently our team is complete, but...

we always look for outstanding talents in R&D, sales and application know how. Contact us in any case if you have market know how and would like to move your carreer forward in an exciting and professional environment.


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