GSM-1000-BMX BACnet gateway and interface

The GSM-1000-BMX connects up to 35 BACnet devices to a BACnet/IP or BACnet Ethernet backbone. Its optional capabilities make it to a highly flexible multi-device. A complimentary powerful BACnet browser allows to discover, test, debug and monitor any BACnet network as well as to read/write any properties of a BACnet device.


  • The Vector GSM-1000-BMX is designed as a high power server for connection to Ethernet bus systems.

  • The device is designed for control and regulation of building services. Via the integrated Ethernet bus system, the integration in modern buildings is used efficiently in central as well as in decentralized information focuses. Across the broad range of connectable Vector communicating devices, the scalable controllers can be extended at any time concerning the individual project requirements.

  • About the free programmability a maximum of flexibility and comfort is guaranteed. As a result, the projects are ideally suited to the particular requirements both in the modernization of existing installations as well as for implementing current and future automation projects.


  • Free programmable HMI-server, webserver, router, gateway
  • BTL listed: BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP
    It supports the BBMD functionality (BACnet Broadcast Management Device)
    B-BC (BACnet Building Controller)
  • Supports up to 1000 software objects
  • Modbus capable

Advanced functionality such as

  • Supervision
  • Data logging and trending
  • Alarm and event management
  • Scheduling
  • Device and network management


 Item name  Item code  Option  Description
 GSM-1000-BMX  40-120002  1000 Objects  Free programmable gateway, router, server
 Communicating through BTL listed BACnet or Modbus
 FXL with Dongle  40-120003    Optional software development kit with dongle


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