AES1-HT / AES3-HT - Humidity/Temperature Sensor

For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters and PI-universal controls

Humidity and humidity/temperature element for indoor, duct and outdoor transmitters (SRC-, SDC-, and SOC-series) and PI-universal controls (TCI-W-series).


  • Reliable Humidity/Temperature sensor element with 3 different accuracy levels



 Item name  Item code  Option  Description
 AES1-HT-A2  40-500067   2 % accuracy Humidity element for SxC-T1, SxC-H1, SxC-H1T1 and TCI-W
 AES1-HT-A3  40-500068  3 % accuracy
 AES1-HT-A5  40-500069  5 % accuracy