AMI-S - Immersion Pocket for Temp. Sensor

Stainless steel bulb well (immersion pocket) for temperature sensors

The AMI bulb wells or immersion pockets are used with temperature sensors and transmitters (SD-T, SDB-T, SDC-T1 series) to measure the temperature of liquids. The wells are installed in a standard 1/2" NPT or 172" BSP threaded saddle.

The sensors are inserted into the well and are spring loaded. The front part is filled with temperature conducting paste.

Important: Sensor tip must reach tip of well to accurately measure media temperature.



  • Stainless steel bulb well / immersion pocket: plug and play sensor installation
  • With fixing screw
  • Fits into a 1/2" NPT or 1/2" BSP threaded saddle
  • Compatible with corrosive and non-corrosive liquids
  • Facilitates quick mounting and replacement of sensors
  • For media temperatures up to 400 °C




 Item name  Item code   Option  Description
 AMI-S5-1  40-51 0012   5 cm  Stainless steel pocket SS304 with 1/2" NPT thread
 for SDB and SD type of sensors
 AMI-S7-1  40-51 0013   7.5 cm
 AMI-S10-1  40-51 0014   10 cm
 AMI-S15-1  40-51 0015   15 cm
 AMI-S20-1  40-51 0016   20 cm
 AMI-S30-1  40-51 0017   30 cm
 AMI-S40-1  40-51 0018   40 cm
 AMI-S5-2  40-51 0081   5 cm  Stainless steel pocket SS304 with 1/2" BSP thread
 for SDB and SD type of sensors
 AMI-S10-2  40-51 0082  10 cm
 AMI-S20-2  40-51 0083  20 cm
 AMI-S40-2  40-51 0084  40 cm



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