Fan coil controller, 2-pipe with external input

The TLC3-FCR-T is a stand-alone electronic fan coil controller with one control loop. The TLC3-FCR-T features one NTC temperature sensor input, one open/contact or external NTC temperature input and four binary outputs (relays).

A detailed parameterization is possible with the use of a simple configuration routine. The TLC3-FCR-T can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tools or software is required.


  • Air only systems: constant Air Volume systems with three stage fans for single or dual duct systems
  • Air/water systems: fan coil units for 2-pipe systems, radiator controls, chilled ceiling
  • Simple individual room control for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, etc.
  • PWM or ON-OFF control of two spring return valves or 3-point ON-OFF or floating control of one 3-point valve


  • The PWM control option reduces room temperature fluctuations and energy consumption
  • Low power energy consumption: < 1W per unit
  • External sensor or open contact for remote control, external heat – cool change or auto-changeover on supply temperature with selectable activation limits
  • Automatic fan control for three stage fans
  • Cost saving option with Economy functionality and set point limitations
  • Control for single stage heating, cooling and fan only operation modes
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters
    • Set point range limitation
    • Access control for set points, fan speeds and mode change
    • Access control for heat/cool change and time programs
    • Select your display contents
    • Selectable behavior after return from power failure
  • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Deluxe version:

  • Clock and time schedule functions with power failure protection
  • Blue backlight for LCD
  • Infrared remote controller option: with special features for boost and delayed switching on or off


 Item name  Item code  Power   supply   Description


 40-100129  24 VAC/DC 

 Fan coil controller with
 1 TI int. or ext., 3 DO (relay) fan control, 
 1 DO (relay) binary valve control

 TLC3-FCR-T-D-24  40-100134 


 40-100114  230 VAC/DC 
 TLC3-FCR-T-D-230  40-100115
Parameter preset      
 -W01  40-1000xx-01    Cooling only, add -Wx at the end of the item name or
 -x at the end of item code to order pre-configured model


OPR1 - Fan Coil Remote Control
Remote control unit for fan coil units of TLC3 and TLR product ranges
Temperature Sensors
Sensing elements or accessories for temperature sensors


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

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