Fan coil controller, 2-/4-pipe with 2 analog/digital inputs and 5 relay outputs, Modbus RTU interface

The TRA-F121-A is a communicating electronic fan coil controller that controls the room temperature.
It supports motorized valves and 1- or 3-speed fans in 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil units (heating or cooling).
Additional inputs can be used for external temperature sensor, room occupancy (motion) detection and more.
The controller offers the operating modes Comfort, Economy and Protection.
The TRA-F121-A includes a Modbus RTU interface and can easily be integrated into a building automation system.


  • Fan coil systems
    • 2-pipe fan coil (cooling or heating on/off valve)
    • 2-pipe fan coil with 3-position valve (cooling or heating valve)
    • 2-pipe fan coil and electric heater
    • 4-pipe fan coil (cooling and heating on/off valve)
  • Floor heating systems (on/off or 3-position valve)
  • Chilled ceilings or chilled beams systems (on/off or 3-position valve)


  • LCD display with backlight
  • Room temperature control via built-in temperature sensor
  • 2 configurable inputs temperature or digital
  • 2 outputs for on/off and 3-position valve control
  • 3 outputs for 1- or 3-speed fan control (automatically or manually)
  • Comfort, Economy and Protection operating mode
  • Display of current room temperature or temperature set point in °C or °F
  • Display of outdoor temperature received from Modbus master
  • Manual or automatic heating / cooling changeover
  • Select operating mode via operating mode button on the controller
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of room temperature set point
  • Floor heating temperature limitation
  • Key lock function
  • RTU Modbus slave interface
  • Reload default settings for commissioning and control parameters
  • 110…230 VAC operating voltage
  • Flush mount on all 75x75x35mm wall mounting box or larger boxes
  • Selection of application via parameter
  • No data loos on power fail


 Part Name  Part No.  Power supply  Description
 TRA-F121-A  40-100217   110...230 VAC/DC

 Fan coil controller
 Note: Minimum mounting cutout mm(inch)
          horizontal 67(2.64), vertical 61(2.40)


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Install Sheet

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