MZ3-FA-V01 - Step switch


0...10 VDC Step switch with up to 3 steps.

The MZ3-FA-V01 is a microprocessor controlled precision step switch with touch panel.
Through parameters the step switch is configured. Settings such as switching levels for each step may be adjusted. The configuration is performed using the programming device OPA-S. Configuration can as well be updated using an accessory called AEC-PM2.


  • Comfort ventilation,
  • Damper or valve positions,
  • Control of blinds
  • etc.


  • Electronic 3-step switch with touch panel
  • Manual operation with up to 3 Levels: MIN, MID, MAX
  • Automatic reset of the level MAX to MID
  • One 0…10 VDC output to output defined step levels
  • Password protected settings
  • Copy of settings with accessory (AEC-PM2)


 Item name  Item code   Variant  Description
 MZ3-FA-V01-B3-T3-W  on request

 Blue LED, white frame

 Lettering: MIN, MID, MAX

 Step switch with up to 3-steps with touch panel
 and one 0-10 VDC output.

 OPA-S  40-500006  Programming and display device

 LDC display for surface mounting

 or handheld operation

 AEC-PM2  40-500130  Memory device  Used to copy device configuration



OPA-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AEC-PM2 - Memory
External memory for parameter sets for X2-series


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes