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The SRD2 is a programmable indoor controller and transmitter with a wide range of built-in sensors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC air quality, dust particle and motion (PIR). It has a TFT color display and supports our usual communication options via RS485 or Wi-Fi (BACnet and Modbus). It is designed with the X2 operating system and is supported by the latest version of EasySet.


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The SRD2 with Wi-Fi option allows access to set points and time schedules through an internet browser. It also connects to our free EasyX2 mobile and desktop app, so you can benefit from:

  • Find Wi-Fi and Ethernet X2 devices on a WLAN network
  • Connect to multiple X2 devices and view key sensor readings and device status. You can easily control set points and operation status of the different devices.
  • The EasyX2 app is available for desktop (Windows, MAC-OS) and mobile (Android, Apple iOS)

More information about EasyX2 can be found here.

Commissioning of the controllers can be done with our free tool EasySet. The latest version of EasySet is available here.

Display and touch buttons

The optional built-in TFT color display with touch buttons provides a perfect and flexible way to interact with the user.

Here are some samples of possible standard displays (not complete):




Dimensions, mm (inch)



More Information

Details, manuals and order information on the new SRD2 indoor controller and transmitter can be found here:

SRD2 indoor controller and transmitter