Release of X2 to V1.5

X2 is one operating system for sensors and controllers offering identical functionality and configuration procedure over an entire range of products including sensors, wall – and cabinet mounted controllers. All X2 devices can be configured on the device with an operating terminal or with a PC and free software called EasySet.

V1.5 is backwards compatible to previous versions. All settings of previous versions will work as well with the new version.

Please note: All new X2 devices are of now produced with V1.5. However, there are still V1.4 in various stock locations. Please specify firmware requests when ordering products if you need V1.5 devices for the new features. During a transition time you might receive V1.4 products.

New Features, improvements and bug fixes:


  • Connect with TCP/IP instead of wired connection
  • Upgrade or downgrade FW version of easyset file.
  • Improve templates, templates my be set back to default.

Virtual Inputs:

  • Additional Inputs with AEI-4UI
  • Absolute Humidity function
  • Thermodynamic conversion for refrigerants
  • Special function scaling: in and output values may now be multiplied with a factor.
  • Improved calculation of inputs that have different ranges


  • Extended delays of up to 252 hours.

Control Loops:

  • Improved PI control setting with integral reset time parameter


  • Binary Outputs: Intermediate Alarm for PWM and Floating outputs
  • Analog Output: Control for 6-Way Valves
  • Analog Output: Step mode combines PI action of analog output with action of binary stages.

Aux Functions:

  • FU1: New parameter for enable with interlock or alarm

Bug Fix:

  • Repeated write requests with identical values to eeprom from bus modules are ignored.
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes for Easyset.

More Information

See special page for the Vector Controls X2 operating system version 1.5: Vector Controls X2 Operating System Version 1.5

You can download the latest version of Easyset here: Download EasySet for FREE!