TRA-F121-A is a Modbus fan coil thermostat. It has a built-in temperature
sensor and controls 3 speed fans and valves for heating or cooling. Two inputs read open contact or temperature signals and may be configured as automatic heat/cool switch, occupation sensor and more.


  • Fan coil systems
  • 2-pipe fancoil (cooling or heating ON/OFF valve)
  • 2-pipe fancoil with 3-position valve (cooling or heating valve)
  • 2-pipe fancoil and electric heater
  • 4-pipe fancoil (cooling and heating ON/OFF valve)
  • Floor heating systems (ON/OFF or 3-position valve)
  • Chilled ceilings or chilled beams systems (ON/OFF or 3-position valve)


  • Flush mount on all 75x75x40mm wall mounting box or larger boxes
  • Comfort, Economy and Protection mode
  • ON/OFF and 3-position valve control
  • 110 – 230VAC operating voltage
  • Manual or automatic heating / cooling changeover
  • Room temperature control via built-in temperature sensor
  • Selection of application via parameter
  • Select operating mode via operating mode button on the thermostat
  • 1- or 3-speed fan control (automatically or manually)
  • Display of current room temperature or setpoint in °C or °F
  • Display of outdoor temperature received from Modbus master
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of room temperature setpoint
  • 2 configurable inputs temperature or digital
  • Key lock function
  • Floor heating temperature limitation
  • Reload default settings for commissioning and control parameters
  • RTU Modbus slave

Download the manual here:

Engineering Manual for the TRA-F121-A