AEPS - Power Supply


Power supply for air flow controller

The power supply AEPS-230-24-10 provides 24 VAC power to VAV controllers, actuators and room controllers or positioning devices.
VAV applications 
Master-slave / parallel circuits can be done by simply plugging in the actuator plug to the appropriate connector. A RJ12 plug allows connection of the actuators programming tool for configuration of programmable actuators. 

The power supply unit is sold exclusively to manufacturers of comfort ventilation systems.



  • 230 V power supply 
  • 24 VAC / 10VA nominal output voltage 
  • Master-Slave or parallel configuration of actuators 
  • Power indication LED 
  • RJ12 socket for configuration of actuators 
  • IP40 
  • Up to 3 VAV controllers simultaneously connectable 
  • Suitable for wall mounting 




 Product name  Product No.  Description
 AEPS-230-24-10  40-500019

 Power supply for comfort ventilation controllers, actuators or valve drives
 Input: 230 VAC, output: 24 VAC
 Power: 10 VA




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