Fan coil controls - cabinet mounted

The TLR-series are stand-alone electronic single loop fan coil controller for cabinet mounting. A detailed adaptation to local conditions is possible with the use of a simple configuration routine. The TLR-series can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tools or software is required.

The TLR has been specifically developed to switch larger fans with switching power of up to 10(6) A.

Dual loop controller (X2 OS) ideal for zoning and general applications. 230VAC and 24V versions available
Single loop controller (X2 OS) for BACnet or MODBUS communication
TLR-D5 with OPA-D5
Fan coil unit controller for 3-speed fans with 2 relays outputs for heating and cooling
TLR-D5F with OPA-D5F
Fan coil unit controller with base unit and operation terminal for 3 speed fans and 1 3-point floating valve
TLR-D42 with OPA-D42
Fan coil unit controller for 3-speed fans and 2 modulating actuators.
TLR-D5P with OPA-D5P
Heat pump and package unit controller