TDC-BH - Duct Mounted


Humidistat, duct mounted, binary humidifying or dehumidifying with optional fan support

The TDC-BH is a stand-alone electronic binary humidity stat for duct mounting. It features one internal humidity sensor, one external NTC temperture sensor input and two binary outputs (relays).

A detailed parameterization is possible with the use of a simple configuration routine. The TDC-BH can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tools or software is required. 



  • Humidifiers:
    ON/OFF type humidifiers
    ON/OFF type humidifiers with single speed fan support             
  • Dehumidifiers:
    ON/OFF type dehumidifiers
    ON/OFF type dehumidifiers with single speed fan support
  • Combination humidifiers and dehumidifiers without fan support


  • Control for binary humidifiers and dehumidifiers with or without fan support
  • Low power energy consumption
  • Relay switching for outputs each up to 300 W
  • Cost saving option with Economy functionality and set point limitations
  • External sensor input for set point set back based on outdoor temperature
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters
    - set point range limitation
    - access control for set points and mode change
    - access control for clock and time programs
    - select your display contents
    - selectable behavior after return from power failure
  • Temperature display of external input in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Deluxe version

  • Clock and time schedule function
  • Blue blacklight for LCD


   Item name    Item code   Option    Description
   TDC-BH   40-100061   Standard

  Binary controller with
  1 internal humidity input
  1 external temperature input (for set point shift)
  1 DO (relay) for humidifier or dehumidifier
  1 DO (relay) for fan (optional)
  -W04 = Humidifying pre-configured
  -W05 = De-humidifying pre-configured
  -D = 7 day programmable

   TDC-BH-W04   40-100061-4   Humidifying
   TDC-BH-W05   40-100061-5   Dehumidifying
   TDC-BH-D   40-100062   Deluxe
   TDC-BH-D-W04   40-100062-4   Deluxe
   TDC-BH-D-W05   40-100062-5   Deluxe


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Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes