TEF / TEM - LED Surface Mounted


Temperature controller, positioner, analog PI or P-PI cascade controller with LED display. Surface mounted.

The TEM is a stand alone electronic temperature controller with two PI control loops for wall mounting. It features two PI sequences, one NTC temperature sensor and one analog input.

The TEF features one analog 0...10 VDC output. A detailed parameterization is possible with the use of a simple configuration routine. The TEF can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tools or software is required. 



  • Controlling the temperature output of a simple air-handling unit with one heating or cooling coil
  • Individual room control for pressure dependent, independent VAV systems
  • Temperature control of radiators, floor heating and chilled ceilings
  • Positioning of an actuator with a 0-10 V input/output signal
  • Controlling the pressure for clean room or VAV applications
  • Various universal control situations requiring PI control and one analog input/output


  • Multi function controller in one unit: temperature controller, positioner, analog PI or P-PI cascade controller
  • Transformation of display value according to analog sensor range
  • Temperature control depending on room or return air temperature
  • Integrated room temperature sensor
  • Programmable user parameters
  • Minimum, maximum set point limitation
  • Minimum, maximum limitation of output and input
  • Enable or disable change of set points and heating / cooling changeover
  • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Programmable control parameters
  • Selectable frost protection
  • Operating voltage 24 V


 Item name  Item code  Description
 TEF  40-100037  LED display, PI-binary and floating controller, surface mounted,
 2 DO relays, 1 internal or external temperature input
 TEM  40-100038  LED display, PI-modulating controller, surface mounted
 1 AO 0...10 VDC, internal or external temperature input
 1 AI 0...10 V 


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