TLC3-BCR - On/Off and Floating


Thermostat, 2-pipe for three state valve, 4-pipe for 2 on/off valves

The thermostat has one independent temperature control loop with one heating and one cooling sequence. One internal temperature sensor, one external temperature input, one auxiliary input for heat – cool changeover or high/low limit.

Flexible application configuration is made with a parameter-setting routine using the standard operation terminal.


  • Radiant heating / radiant cooling
  • Small air handlers
  • Constant air volume systems
  • Frost protection
  • General temperature control


  • Low power energy consumption: < 1 W per unit
  • Relays switching for outputs each up to 300 W
  • Temperature control for 2 or 4-pipe heating or cooling systems
  • Optional external temperature input
  • New feature: high temperature range of external input up to 150 °C (302 °F)
  • Choose between one 3-point actuator and two binary heating/cooling stages
  • Reversing valve options
  • New with V3.1 dual stage option
  • Cost saving option with economy functionality and set point limitations
  • Multiple auxiliary functions: heat-cool auto changeover, automatic enable, high or low limits
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters

Deluxe version

  • Power cap protected real-time clock with 48 h power backup
  • Time schedule events, with many options
  • Display with blue backlight
  • Infrared remote controller option: with special features for boost and delayed switching on or off


 Item name  Item code  Power supply  Description
 TLC3-BCR-230  40-100158   230 VAC/DC  Standard binary controller with 1 RT int., 2 RT ext., 2 DO (relay)
 binary valve control
 TLC3-BCR-230-D  40-100159   230 VAC/DC  Deluxe binary controller with 1 RT int., 2 RT ext., 2 DO (relay) 
 binary valve control
Parameter preset      
 -W01  40-100xxx- 01  Cooling  only   Add -Wx at the end of the item name or -x at the end of item  code to order  preconfigured model


Temperature Sensors
Sensing elements or accessories for temperature sensors
OPR1 - Fan Coil Remote Control
Remote control unit for fan coil units of TLC3 and TLR product ranges


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes