TCY-MZ - LCD-Positioner


Positioner with time schedules and real time clock

The TCY-MZ is a microprocessor controlled precision positioner with real time clock and time schedules. Through user and engineering parameters the positioner may be configured to work for most of the standard ventilation applications. The TCY-MZ can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tool or software is required.


  • Control of ventilation systems for comfort and industrial applications


  • Positioner for comfort ventilation with time schedules
  • Two analog outputs for 0...10 VDC with a resolution of 10 mV
  • One input for exhaust fan override or presence sensor
  • Party mode with automatic setback
  • Off mode with selectable ventilation interval and ventilation strength
  • Selectable step or percentage set point resolution
  • Password protected controls settings

Deluxe version

  • Background illumination
  • Realtime clock with schedule events


 Item name  Item code  Option  Description
 TCY-MZ2  40-100164  Positioner  Compact positioner with 2 analog outputs and 1 passive input 
 TCY-MZ2-D  40-100165  With clock function


Operation Manual

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