SDC-Q1 - Duct Mounted


Duct mounted VOC transmitter

Reliable evaluation of duct air quality: The sensing element used is a MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) based gas sensor 
component. It is specifically designed for a broad detection of reducing gases such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) 
associated with bad air quality (cigarette smoke, solvents and cleaning agents, emissions, etc.).

The microprocessor samples the air quality once per second. It calculates an averaging signal over a preset number of 
samples and generates the output signal. The analog output signal range may be customized by jumpers and can also be set by using the optional internal or external display and programming module OPC-S or OPA-S.


  • Demand based ventilation for homes and offices based on measurement of the VOC concentration (air quality) 
  • Recording of minimum and maximum limits for critical environments 
  • Direct control of extraction fan


  • VOC measurement for air ducts
  • Minimum and maximum value memory
  • 0...10 V, 0...20 mA or 2...10 V. 4...20 mA measuring signals selectable with jumpers
  • Optional alternative signal ranges programmable
  • May be used as simple P-controller
  • Selectable averaging signal
  • Optional internal or external display (OPC-S or OPA-S)
  • Status LED


 Product name  Product No.  Description  Length
 SDC-Q1-16-1  40-300205

 VOC transmitter for air ducts, 160 mm probe,
 incl. cable gland AMC-1

 16 cm


OPC-S - Built-in Display
Operation and display for intelligent duct and outdoor transmitters
OPA-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AMC-1 - Cable Gland
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters
AMC-2 - Conduit Connector
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes