Cabinet mounted communicating PI-universal controller

The TCI2 is a programmable universal controller with communication capabilities. Each control loop may use 2 PI sequences and 2 binary stages. The TCI2 comes with a built in RS485 communication interface that allows peer to peer communication with an operation terminal such as OPA2-(2TH)-VC.

Communication plug-in allow for integration of the controller into a network. These modules are described in their own manual. Currently available are plug-ins for BACnet and MODBUS.

Flexible application configuration is made with a parameter-setting routine using the standard operation terminal.

Complete parameter sets may be copied by use of an accessory called AEC-PM2 or exchanged with a PC using an RS485-USB converter and the EasySet program.


  • Refrigeration / air conditioning units
  • Ventilators
  • Humidifying / dehumidifying
  • Pressure / pump systems
  • and many more…


  • Two universally configurable control loops:
  • Functions for dehumidifying, set point shift and cascade control
  • Multiple auxiliary functions: heat-cool auto changeover, automatic enable, set point compensation
  • Free heating and cooling with economizer function based on enthalpy or temperature
  • Differential, averaging, min and max functions, enthalpy and dew point calculations
  • Transmitter function for inputs and set points
  • 4 selectable universal inputs (VDC, mA, NTC, PT1000) and 2 analog outputs (VDC, mA)
  • 2 relays with each a normally open contact
  • 8 freely assigned alarm conditions, selectable state of outputs on alarm condition
  • Power Cap protected real-time clock with 48hr power backup
  • 7-day programmable schedules, with options including change of set points and direct position of manual outputs
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters


 Item name

 Item code





 Controller with display standalone

  cabinet mounted
  2 control loops
  4 UI
  2 relays
  2 AO    



 Controller with display standalone with line voltage



 Controller with Modbus or ASCII communication



 Controller with display and  Modbus or ASCII




 Controller with display, Modbus or ASCII

 communication and line voltage



 Controller with BACnet® MS/TP communication



 Controller with display and BACnet® MS/TP



X2-Operation Terminals
Operation terminals
Temperature Sensors
Sensing elements or accessories for temperature sensors
AEC-PM2 - Memory
External memory for parameter sets for X2-series


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes