About us

Vector Controls - Optimal HVAC controls for everyone

What started in 2001 with the founding of Vector Controls Group by Rolf and Tanya Schweizer quickly developed into a success story: the initial focus in ventilation controllers and thermostats quickly led to further controller applications. The modular design of sensors, controllers and operating terminals laid the foundation for the universal, communicating controller solutions from Vector Controls as they are known today.

Efficient, simple and inexpensive HVAC control solutions from Vector Controls optimize your indoor climate and conserve resources.

Our headquarters with research & development are located in Switzerland, production facilites are located in Switzerland and China, sales and distribution for each major continents is located in Switzerland, China and the USA. Our products are sold worldwide.

Scalable projects from a single source

We provide projects ranging from stand alone ventilation controllers to HVAC system solutions for entire buildings with internal and external devices. The universal programmable controllers are the heart of all Vector applications. Complemented by the wide range of sensors, the fieldbus connection of the controllers and the graphical representation of the data with the GSM series (gateway server modules), every HVAC project can be optimally implemented with Vector Controls systems.

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