AER-HL1 - Dew Point Detector


Compact device to switch a contact if dew point drops below or relative humidity exceeds a limit setting

The AER-HL1 is a stand-alone electronic detector. It features one internal humidity sensor with 3% accuracy, an additional temperature sensor to measure media temperature and a latching relays with one normally open and one normally closed contact.


  • Prevents condensation for chilled ceilings and beams as well as air handling and fan coil units


  • Supervises dew point or humidity level and switches a relay if dew point drops below or relative humidity exceeds the defined limit or if device is without power
  • Stops condensation bevor it happens
  • Very low power consumption:
  • Relays switching for outputs up to 200 W
  • Password protected programmable humidity limits
  • Selectable averaging signal
  • Optional external display (OPA-S) with minimum / maximum humidity limits
  • Status LED


 Item name  Item code  Description
 AER-HL1  40-500071  1 internal humidity input
 1 relay NO/NC


OPA-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes