TOA Temperature Monitor


Thermostat for elevator shaft ventilation for 230 VAC or 24 V AC/DC actuators

The TOA is an electronic thermostat (temperature monitor) preconfigured for elevator shaft ventilation with outputs for 230 VAC or 24 V AC/DC spring return actuators. 
If the measured temperature exceeds the temperature limit, the thermostat switches off its output. If the temperature returns to within the allowed limit, the output is switched back on.
The thermostat can work for heating or cooling applications. The TOA is delivered with a maximum temperature limit of 35°C
(95 °F) and an allowed limit of 30 °C (86 °F). 
The thermostat is preconfigured for lift shaft ventilation, but can also be used for heating or cooling applications.

It can be adjusted by the user using the OPA-S operating terminal if required.
Note: The temperature sensors are not included with the thermostat. These can be ordered under accessories as internal or remote sensors.


  • Ventilation damper control for elevator shafts.
    Control of damper for temperature control in an elevator shaft by opening or closing the motorized dampers (with spring return). Turning the contact off opens the damper, turning the contact on closes the damper.
  • Frost protection
    Activating a heating device if temperature gets close to freezing.


  • TOA-T101:
    230 VAC or 24 V AC/DC power supply
    24 V AC/DC output
  • TOA-T102:
    230 VAC power supply
    230 VAC output
  • Adjustable switch on and off temperature limits.
    -20...100 °C (-4...212 °F) adjustment range
  • 0.5 °C (1 °F) measuring accuracy
  • Signal LED indicates operating status of Thermostat
  • Temperature can be measured at the device or remotely
  • Easy programming of settings with external control unit
  • Quick copying of predefined settings using a memory device


   Product name    Product No.    Description
 TOA-T101  40-100242  230 VAC or 24V AC/DC power supply
 24 V AC/DC output voltage
 TOA-T102  40-100243  230 VAC power supply and output voltage
 Temperature Sensor not included / order separately (Any Sxx-Tn10 type can be used)
 S-TN10-005-A  40-200210  Temperature sensor, 5 cm cable for measuring at the thermosate
 SOD-Tn10-1  40-200211  Temperature sensor, 1 m cable for remote mounting


See Accessories for additional sensors.


Temperature Sensors
Sensing elements or accessories for temperature sensors
OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AEC-PM2 - Memory
External memory for parameter sets for X2-series


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

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