Immersion pockets and NTC-10k passive temperature sensors for indoor, outdoor, duct

Immersion pocket for the mounting of duct type temperature sensors and temperature sensors that fit to passive NTC inputs of the Vector Controls product range. 

AMI-S - Immersion Pocket for Temp. Sensor
Stainless steel bulb well (immersion pocket) for temperature sensors
S-Tn10 - Flying Lead
Passive temperature sensor with flying lead for Vector Controls NTC-type inputs
SD-Tn10 - Flying Lead Duct
Passive temperature sensor for duct mounting for Vector Controls NTC-type inputs
SRA-Tn10 - Indoor
Passive temperature sensor for indoor mounting for Vector Controls NTC-inputs
SC-Tn10 - Flying Lead Contact
Passive temperature sensor for contact mounting on pipes for Vector Controls NTC-type inputs