TCY-MT-U - Modulating


Thermostat for modulating actuators for 2-pipe or 4-pipe applications

The TCY-MT is a stand-alone electronic temperature controller with one control loop for wall mounting. It may use up to two PI sequences. The TCY-MT features one internal NTC temperature sensor, up to two external sensor inputs and up to two analog outputs. The configuration has been reduced to a minimum to allow for simple and off-the-shelve usage.

For more advanced features and current inputs and outputs the TCI product range is recommended.

The TCY-MT can be configured using the standard operation terminal. No special tool or software is required. 



  • Various temperature control applications
  • Stand alone VAV control for pressure independent actuators
  • Water-only systems: Radiator, floor heating or chilled ceilings
  • Individual room control for offices, residential, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, etc.


  • Temperature PI control for HVAC systems
  • Up to two modulating outputs for DC 0...10 V with 10 mV resolution
  • One internal temperature sensor and up to two external sensor inputs
  • Multiple remote control functions on external input
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters
  • Blue backlight


Power supply 24 VAC

   Item name    Item code   Option    Description
   TCY-MT2-U   40-100044   2-pipe system


   PI-controller, wall flush mounted 
   internal and external temperature input
   1 AO 0...10 VDC

   TCY-MT2-U-W01   40-100044-1   Cooling only
   TCY-MT2-U-W02   40-100044-2   Heating only
   TCY-MT4-U   40-100046   4-pipe system    PI-controller, wall flush mounted
   internal and external temperature input
   2 AO 0...10 VDC


Temperature Sensors
Sensing elements or accessories for temperature sensors


Operation Manual

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