SDC-T1 - Duct Mounted


Active temperature sensor for duct mounting

The SDC-T1 measures the temperature by the use of a precision sensing element. The microprocessor samples the temperature once per second. It calculates an averaging signal over a preset number of seconds and generates an output signal based on lower and upper signal range values.

 The transmitter is available with or without a display.


  • Temperature measurement for supply and return air ducts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications
  • Recording of minimum and maximum values for critical environments
  • Supervision of critical tempertures


  • Temperature measurement for air ducts
  • Minimum and maximum value memory
  • 0...10 V, 0...20 mA or 2...10 V. 4...20 mA measuring signals selectable with jumpers
  • Optional alternative signal ranges programmable
  • Selectable averaging signal
  • Optional LCD display (OPC-S) or external display (OPU-S)
  • Status LED


  Item name   Item code   Description   Length
  SDC-T1-08   40-300056


  Transmitter for duct mounting,
  add AMC


   3" (8 cm)

  SDC-T1-16   40-300057   6.2" (16 cm)
  SDC-T1-24   40-300078   9.3" (24 cm)
  SDC-T1-x-W0   40-300xxx-0   Temperature range: -40...140 °F (-40...60 °C) (default)  
  SDC-T1-x-W1   40-300xxx-1   Temperature range: -31...95 °F (-35...35 °C)  
  SDC-T1-x-W2   40-300xxx-2   Temperature range: 32...122 °F (0...50 °C)  
  SDC-T1-x-W3   40-300xxx-3   Temperature range: special - specify in order  


OPC-S - Built-in Display
Operation and display for intelligent duct and outdoor transmitters
OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AMC-1 - Cable Gland
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters
AMC-2 - Conduit Connector
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters
AMI-S - Immersion Pocket for Temp. Sensor
Stainless steel bulb well (immersion pocket) for temperature sensors


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes