SOC-H1T - Outdoor


Active humidity transmitter and temperature sensor for outdoor mounting

The SOC-H1T measures the relative humidity with a unique capacitive sensor element. The microprocessor samples the humidity once per second. It calcualtes an averaging signal over a preset number of seconds and generates the output signal.

A version with a display is possible by ordering the integrated display accessory OPC-S.

The temperature sensing element is either a glass packed thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient, a platinum film or a nickel thin layer based probe. Its resistance changes according to the temperature. The change follows a specified curve.


  • Outdoor humidity and temperature measurement for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications
  • Recording of minimum and maximum values for critical environments
  • Supervision of critical humidity and temperatures


  • Outdoor humidity and temperature measurement
  • For AES4: Sensor reconditioning function against contamination
  • For AES4: Anti-Creep function for high humidity environments
  • Replaceable sensor element
  • Minimum and maximum value memory
  • Optional alternative signal ranges programmable
  • Selectable averaging signal
  • Optional external display (OPU-S)
  • Status LED



 Item name  Item code  Definition
 SOC-H1Tn10-A3-1  40-300155

 Humidity transmitter and temperature sensor, incl. AES1-HT-A3
(sensor element with 3% RH accuracy) and AMC1 (cable gland)


OPC-S - Built-in Display
Operation and display for intelligent duct and outdoor transmitters
OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AES3-HTx / AES4-HTx - Humidity/Temperature + passive Sensor
For indoor, outdoor and duct humidity/temperature transmitters with additional passive temperature element
AMC-1 - Cable Gland
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters
AMC-2 - Conduit Connector
For indoor, outdoor and duct transmitters
AMS-1 - Wheather Shield
For outdoor or duct transmitters


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes