Programmable differential pressure transmitter with auto zero function

The SCC-P is a programmable differential pressure transmitter. The transmitter measures the differential pressure using a 
ceramic sensor. The signal is temperature compensated and calibrated. An auto zero function ensures that the transmitter has no zero offset. It is performed by default after power-up and periodically once a day. The pressure is measured every 100 ms, giving a sampling frequency of 10 Hz. The number of samples for the averaging filter and the minimum and maximum pressure can be configured with parameters. The transmitter calculates the output signal for the analogue output accordingly.

Auto Zeroing

The "Auto Zero" function will zero out a differential pressure that might be present at normal operation in a system. This allows for effective measuring the differential pressure in a system.

- Auto zeroing calibrates the zero-point offset to 0 Pa automatically 
- Auto zeroing will be done at startup and every 24 hours by default 


  • Pressure measurement in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Measuring of air flow velocity
  • Measuring and control of positive or negative pressure for example for clean rooms
  • Measures exactly the pressure range you need
  • Recording of minimum and maximum values for critical environments
  • Supervision of critical pressures


  • Pressure measurement from ± 100 Pa up to ± 2500 Pa (±10 mm to ±250 mm H2O, ±0.4 to ±10 in H2O)
  • Integrated auto zeroing function using a solenoid valve
  • DIP switch for pressure range pre-set (see operation manual for details)
  • Programmable pressure output signal range
  • Selectable square root function 
  • Selectable averaging filter for the measurement signal
  • Minimum and maximum pressure memory
  • Set display range and value. This may be used to visualize air flow or air volume
  • 0(2)…10 V / 0(4)…20 mA measuring signal output (range programmable)


 Product name  Product No.  Description
 SCC-P2  40-300246  Pressure range -100...100 Pa (-10...10 mm H2O, -0.4...0.4 in H2O)
 SCC-P3  40-300247  Pressure range -500...500 Pa (-50...50 mm H2O, -2...2 in H2O)
 SCC-P4  40-300248   Pressure range -2500...2500 Pa (-250...250 mm H2O, -10...10 in H2O)


OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
OPC-S-V2 - Built-in Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters
AMP-1 - Pressure Probs
Differential Pressure Probe Kit


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes