Compact air differential pressure transmitter with high sensitivity

The SDE-P is a programmable differential pressure transmitter. The transmitter measures the pressure by the use of a diaphragm that transfers the force onto a ceramic fulcrum lever. The signal is a temperature compensated and calibrated. The microprocessor samples the pressure once per second. It calculates an averaging signal over a preset number of seconds and generates an output signal based on minimum and maximum pressure values.


  • Pressure measurement in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Measuring of air flow velocity
  • Measuring and control of positive or negative pressure for example for clean rooms
  • Measures exactly the range you need
  • Recording of minimum and maximum values for critical environments
  • Supervision of critical pressures


  • Pressure measurement from 25 Pa up to 2.5 kPa (0.1 to 10 inH2O)
  • Programmable pressure output signal range
  • Selectable square root function
  • Minimum and maximum pressure memory
  • 0…10 VDC measuring signal (range programmable)
  • Selectable averaging signal
  • Compact housing, easy installation


 Item name  Item code  Description
 SDE-P1  40-300105  Pressure range -25...25 Pa (-0.1...0.1 in H2O)
 SDE-P2  40-300158  Pressure range -100...100 Pa (-0.4...0.4 in H2O)
 SDE-P3  40-300106   Pressure range -500...500 Pa (-2...2 in H2O)
 SDE-P4  40-300107    Pressure range -2.5...2.5 kPa (-10...10 in H2O)


OPU-S - Remote Display
Operation and display for intelligent transmitters


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

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