Air Quality Controller and Sensor

The SCC2 is a programmable controller and sensor with communication capabilities. Each control loop may use 2 PI sequences and 2 binary stages. The SCC2 comes with a built in RS485 communication interface that allows peer to peer communication with an operation terminal such as OPT1-(2TH)-VC.

Communication plug-in allow for integration of the controller into a network. These modules are described in their own manual. Currently available are plug-ins for BACnet and MODBUS.

Flexible application configuration is made with a parameter-setting routine using the standard operation terminal.

Complete parameter sets may be copied by use of an accessory called AEC-PM2 or exchanged with a PC using an RS485-USB converter and the EasySet program.


  • Ventilation control
  • Air measurement
  • Zone control
  • VAV control


  • Two universally configurable control loops:
  • Functions for dehumidifying, set point shift and cascade control
  • Multiple auxiliary functions: heat-cool auto changeover, automatic enable, set point compensation
  • Free heating and cooling with economizer function based on enthalpy or temperature
  • Differential, averaging, min and max functions, enthalpy and dew point calculations
  • Transmitter function for inputs and set points
  • Universal analog outputs (VDC, mA) and one relay with a normally open and a normally closed contact (SPDT)
  • 8 freely assigned alarm conditions, selectable state of outputs on alarm condition
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters
  • Measures CO2 and VOC


 Item name

 Item code





 CO2 sensor with tube connectors

 air quality

 controller and

 sensor with

 2 control loops



 VOC sensor with tube connectors



 VOC sensor with tube connectors and Modbus



 CO2- and VOC sensor with tube connectors and Modbus



 CO2- and VOC sensor with tube connectors and BACnet


X2-Operation Terminals
Operation terminals
AEC-PM2 - Memory
External memory for parameter sets for X2-series


Operation Manual

Install Sheet

Application Notes